Museveni puts security on alert over violence, bribery in NRM primaries.

The NRM national chairman, President Museveni has warned candidates, their agents and supporters against engaging in acts of violence and voter bribery in the forthcoming party primaries.

Police early this week mapped out 15 places including Ssembabule, Kassanda, Kazo, Bundibugyo, Sironko, Sheema, Mbale, Hoima, Koboko, Adjumani, Kashongi, Kampala, Wakiso and Hoima that are expected to be hotspots for violence in Friday’s NRM party primaries.

However, in his latest missive, Museveni says there no need for anyone to orchestrate violence since it doesn’t benefit anyone.

“Following the victory of the NRM in 1986, we resolved to end any interference with the right of the People to choose the party of their choice and the individuals to represent them. We, therefore, banned and legislated against multiple voting, bribery, violence, gerrymandering of electoral areas, sectarianism, using bad language and altering of results.Any or a combination of these produces results that are not authentic,”Museveni said.

He explained that because of these vices, leaders that people prefer are not voted, whereas those who are not preferred by anyone get voted because they used underhand methods to come into power, adding that these don’t work to solve people’s problems but for their own selfish interests.

“The leaders who come through fraud or manipulation, do not work to solve the problems of the people because they know that even the next round they will be elected whether the voters are happy or not by cheating. It, therefore, destroys the whole strategy of solving people’s problems through representation.”

“Therefore, those office-seekers, who commit the offences that I have enumerated, are enemies of Uganda and must be defeated.”

He explained that he doesn’t use threats and violence against Ugandans because they are not his slaves.

Security on alert

Museveni however said he has put security organs on alert to handle those involved in voter bribery and violence.

He asked NRM candidates participating in the vices should stop with immediate effect or else they will be handled by members of security organs including Resident District Commissioners, Regional Police Commanders, District Police Commanders, DISOs and GISOs.

“There is no part of Uganda that does not have these powerful officers. How, then, can corruption, violence and votes rigging go on in an area without their knowledge? I put all these officials on notice. If these bad things go on in your area and I end up getting to know from the people directly, without you doing something before, I will go for you,”Museveni said.

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