Uganda seeks to help stranded citizens flee Ukraine to neighbouring countries

Government has said it is working around the clock to ensure it helps Ugandans escape the Russian invasion in Ukraine by going to neighbouring countries.

Ugandans, many of them students, are among hundreds of thousands of people stuck in Ukraine following last week’s invasion by Russia.

Whereas many others, especially whites have been seen fleeing Ukraine to neighbouring Poland, Blacks have on the other side found it hard to leave Ukraine after accusing authorities of racial discrimination.

However, in a statement released on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it will keep monitoring the situation through its missions.

“The ministry has given instructions to its missions in Berlin, Moscow, and the Honorary Consul in Hungary to keep in constant contact with Ugandans in Ukraine until a workable solution is found,” the statement reads in part.

With Ukraine airspace closed to civilian flights, evacuating stranded Ugandans would need using the road to neighbouring countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs however noted that it will work around the clock to find viable solutions for Ugandans still stranded in Ukraine to leave the troubled country.

“The ministry is working with international partners in the region to find a viable solution despite the fact that some Ugandans don’t have any travel documents to facilitate crossing into countries neighbouring Ukraine.”

Government however says that despite any situation going on in Ukraine, it is working to ameliorate the plight of Ugandans still trapped in the country but urges them to remain calm, cautious and follow instructions issued by the Ukrainian government.

On Friday, Uganda’s ambassador to Russia Johnson Agara Olwa advised Ugandans in Ukraine to provide information on their whereabouts to the Embassy.

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