If bread is expensive, eat cassava, Museveni tells Ugandans

President Museveni has urged Ugandans to opt for cassava if they cannot find bread due to the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

Addressing worker’s unions and government officials during the Labour Day Celebrations at the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on Sunday, the president said Africans should stop complaining about the scarcity of wheat and go with the flow.

“If there is no bread eat muwogo (cassava). Africans really confuse themselves. If you’re complaining that there’s no bread or wheat, please eat muwogo. I don’t eat bread myself,” he said.

Museveni’s comments come at a time when members of the public have been urging the government to intervene and save Ugandans from the surging prices of fuel, diesel and consumer goods.

In his address, President Museveni described as small, the issue of commodity prices that have skyrocketed in the recent months and noted the government will soon find a solution.

He said that this problem is both man-made due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and can also be attributed to natural calamities like Covid-19 which disrupted distribution channels.

“For me am not worried about them(increased prices). If we handled corona, what can we not handle,” Museveni said.

“We shall find solutions. We are talking quietly to Western Europe and Russia. We shall brief you at the right time. I am not worried because we have a solution,” he added.

On Poverty

Museveni added that the Parish Development Model (PDM), an initiative by the government to uplift nearly 40 per cent of Ugandans that are stuck in subsistence production to commercial production will help create jobs which will in turn boost household income.

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