Kigezi Diocese Bishop-Elect Gad Akanjuna’s enthronement ready.

All is set for the consecration and enthronement of the 6th Bishop of the diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Bishop Gad Akanjuna.

He will be succeeding Bishop George Bagamuhunda on the 29th of May 2022 at the lower Kabale grounds a few meters from the St Peters Cathedral, Rugarama.

According to the chairman organising committee of the Diocese of Kigezi Kampala Chapter Hon. David Bahati, they have been preparing for the important event and everyone is welcomee.

“We want to thank God who has given as a new Bishop Gad Akanjuna and to thank the outgoing Bishop George Bagamuhunda, for his contribution to the diocese including the water projects, the Revival Radio, helping orphans, setting up the institute for the nurses and many other projects.”Bahati said.

The budget for the event amounted to 80 million Uganda shillings which was fundraised from Christians and friends of the Diocese.

“We also want to thank the cooperation we have had from the church and the state because Kigezi Diocese is famously known for the Revival Movement which started in of the 1930’s.This revival did not only focus on the spiritual revival but revivals for education, health and economic development which saw the start of Kigezi High School and many health centres”, said Bahati.

A number of Bishops have been at the helm of the Diocese including, renowned Bishop Festo Kivengere, Bishop George Katwesigye, and Bishop William Rukirande among others.

Bahati was flanked by the Organizing committee; the secretary, Alice Bongyeirwe Turiho, Member, Dorcus Rukundo Kwesigoha, the Vice Chair for the organising committee and Chairperson of the Kampala Chapter ;Jessica Tushemereirwe, the treasure; Sylvia Tumuhiirwe Arinaitwe and member; Canon Charles Tukachungurwa.

The Diocese of Kigezi , Kampala Chapter, brings together Christians from the Diocese to fellowship, get together and to develop the Diocese back home.

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