Chameleone to face the law over beating boda boda rider

Police has said musician Jose Chameleone will face the law for allegedly whipping a boda boda cyclist who knocked  his car. 

Chameleone (real names Joseph Mayanja) was filmed on Friday, January 20 whipping a boda boda rider who he accused of “scratching” his Range Rover car on Entebbe road. Chameleone was turning off from the main road to his home in Seguku. 

Now Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has said that a case has been opened against the musician for taking the law into his own hands. Enanga made the statement during the police’s Monday security briefing. He said that the victim of the beating had been invited to make a statement about the incident. 

Enanga said, “We need a statement from the BodaBoda Cyclist who was seen being beaten and investigations are still on and we invite any witness that was on the ground and witnessed this behaviour.”

Chameleone’s PRO manager Stuart G-Khast claimed that the altercation was in “self defence.” He said that Chameleone was abused by the boda boda rider after the accident and threatened with physical assault.

Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim, however, called for justice for the boda boda rider who was beaten. Daniella and Chameleone are reportedly estranged.

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