Kabale District On the Verge of Returning Unspent Funds

Kabale district Chairman Nelson Nshangabasheija

Kabale District Local Government, is on the verge of returning 3,114,522,794 Shillings to the Consolidated Fund, if it fails to utilize the funds before the 2023/2024Financial Year ends tomorrow.

Addressing the district council this week, the Kabale District Chairperson, Nelson Nshangabasheija, said 46.910 billion Shillings of the 50.024 billion Shillings budget for the ending financial year, was fully utilized.

Nshangabashaija, explained that the district, was unable to fully utilize the funds, due to delayed releases from the Central Government.

The Kabale District Planner, Boaz Kakuru, said part of the unspent balance, is expected to cater for salaries and wages of district staff, before the closure of the financial year.

Whereas it was not clear yet which sectors will be affected by the return of the funds, there have been concerns among the public, over the poor state of district roads, as well as some school and health centre infrastructure, among other service areas.

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