Kenya doctors ‘perform brain surgery on wrong patient’

A Kenyan doctor has been suspended after cutting open the head of the wrong patient. One patient needed surgery on a blood clot on the brain while the other just needed nursing for swelling. The doctors did not realize the mistake until hours into the surgery, when they discovered there was no blood clot in the brain. Kenyatta National Hospital, says that it deeply regrets the mistake and has suspended the doctor. But the doctor’s colleagues have protested the suspension, arguing it should be the person who put on the…

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8000 primary school children at risk after latrines fill up

Lives of more than 8000 primary school children in Nakaseke District are at risk, after school latrines in 15 schools got filled up. The pupils are now reportedly using the nearby bushes to ease themselves. The district councilors yesterday raised the red flag to the concerned district authorities, at a heated council meeting, where the Councilors led by the Chairperson for Education and Health Services Committee, Juliet Dian Nassimbwa, claimed that the situation may become worse once the rainy season starts. The Ngoma Sub county district councilor, Julius Nabimanya, claimed…

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Condom Imports Increase

There is increased importation of condoms by the private sector in the country, the National Drug Authority-NDA has revealed. Statistics from NDA show an increase in the importation of condoms from 154 million in 2015 to 175 million in 2016. This number is estimated to have increased to 180 million condoms this year in the private sector. The NDA Secretary, Donna Kusemererwa attributes the increase to the willingness by users to buy the condoms as opposed to relying on those distributed by government. The Coordinator HIV Prevention, Uganda AIDS Commission,…

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Formalin allegations: Kabale Butchers petition Municipal authorities.

Butchers operating from Kabale central market in Kabale municipality have petitioned municipal authorities demanding for a clarification on the suspected use of formalin in the municipality. Formalin is a liquid drug manufactured to preserve dead tissues by killing the bacterium that causes decay. It is used together with other chemicals to embalm dead bodies. In their petition dated 25th January this year, butchers under their umbrella Young Stars Slaughter House Association say that when recent allegations accusing butchers in Kampala of using formalin popped up, their customers reduced, causing losses…

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Cervical cancer project launched in Kagadi

KAGADI – The Uganda Cancer Institute in partnership with Kagadi Hospital and Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme, has launched the early cervical cancer screening, prevention and treatment project in Kagadi district. The project, dubbed Enjoying life and saving women from cervical cancer, was launched at Kagadi Hospital recently. Dr Carol Nakisige, who represented the executive director for Uganda Cancer Institute, Dr. Jackson Orem, launched the project. “Cervical cancer is the number one killer in Uganda and in most sub-Saharan African countries. In Uganda alone, about 4,000 women are diagnosed with…

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8 Kabale primary schools to get ventilated improved pit latrines

Kabale district local government has contracted eight companies to construct eight ventilated improved pit latrines (VIP) at eight primary schools in Kabale district. The beneficiary schools are, Rwancerere primary school in Butanda sub county, Kikyence primary school in Kaharo sub county, Bugarama One Primary School in Buhara sub county, Kikore primary school in Kamuganguzi sub county, Kijonjo primary school in Buhara sub county, Rubiira primary school in Buhara sub county, Kamuganguzi primary school in Katuna town council and Bilkomero primary school in Maziba Sub County. According to the Kabale District…

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Health problems associated with malnutrition

Malnutrition is a condition that results from eating a diet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much such that the diet causes health problems. It may involve calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals. Not enough nutrients, is called under nutrition or undernourishment while too much is called over-nutrition. If under nutrition occurs during pregnancy, or before two years of age, it may result in permanent problems with physical and mental development.   In our weekly health focus, we look at health problems associated with malnutrition, as…

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Kabale Regional referral hospital grappling with blood shortages.

Kabale Regional referral hospital is grappling with blood shortages, which has put the lives of patients with a blood deficiency at a risk. Sources at the hospital that declined to be named because they are not authorized to talk to press, said that for last 20days, most patients visiting the hospital for blood services were being turned away. The Kabale regional referral hospital Principal nursing officer, Sr. Christine Akurut, confirmed that they were for the more than three weeks referring anemic patients, until last week, when they received some blood…

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