Cholera outbreak in Amudat District claims two lives

Cholera outbreak in Amudat District in Karamoja sub region, north eastern Uganda has so far claimed two lives while 48 are currently receiving treatment at Amudat health center IV.

According to the Amudat District Chairperson, Francis Kiyonga, the disease has affected the whole Sub County of Loro after it broke out in one of the villages. He attributes the disease outbreak to lack of access to clean water, adding that the locals had started sharing water with animals from the flowing rivers.

The Amudat District Health Inspector, Simon Elimu says that the district has so far created two isolated treatment facilities; one in Loro Sub County and another one at Amudat health centre IV. According to Elimu, the disease could have crossed into Amudat from the neighboring Kenyan village of Kamketo. He says that the disease got an advantage to spread very fast due to low latrine coverage and poor water systems in the Sub County.

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