Gov’t Advised to Purchase Idle Land in Greater Kampala

Kampala Capital City Authority- KCCA, has been advised to purchase all idle land in the city and gazette it for manufacturing and public investments.

The recommendation is embedded in the just released World Bank report, “From Regulators to Enablers: Role of City Governments in Economic Development of Greater Kampala.”

The report highlights the growing challenges of unplanned urbanization, unemployment and informality in the Kampala, a city with a population of four million people, and how these can be addressed to ensure a brighter future for residents and businesses.

It suggests that KCCA should work closely with major land-owning institutions such as the Church and Buganda Kingdom to zone vacant and underdeveloped land.

After mapping undeveloped land, the report says government should consider land swaps with land-owning institutions in order to facilitate land development in essential city locations.

The report notes further, that land zoning and city planning is crucial to encourage the efficient use of space in the city.

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