Grasshopper dealers to start breeding them

People who sell grasshoppers as a business may soon start breeding and supplying the delicacy throughout the year.

This is after Researchers at Makerere University and Kenya’s International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology-icipe launched what they called, a sustainable grasshopper and cricket production and processing project for food in Kenya and Uganda.

Dubbed INSect-based agriBIZiness- INSBIZ, the project is an outcome of research that began in 2012 where a team of four scientists went to find out whether it was possible to breed and rear insects such as grasshoppers and crickets which are both delicacies among some communities in Uganda and Kenya.

The project, launched yesterday at Makerere University, was spearheaded by Dr. Jacob Agea, Dr. Dorothy Nakimbugwe, Dr. James Okwee-Acai, Dr. Okello Acot .

Professor Dorothy Nakimbugwe, the lead researcher of the project from the Department of Food Technology & Nutrition, said that these edible insects have a potential to fill the nutrition and income gaps in both Kenya and Uganda.

The State Minister for Agriculture, Christopher Kibazanga welcomed the innovation saying it will save time for people who spend sleepless nights tapping the insects as well as create more employment opportunities.

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