Meet Truth, the Fresh Rap King on the Scene


TRUTH started writing rhymes when he was 12-years-old. Raised by his mom in Western Uganda, he dreamed of becoming like the American rap artists he saw on television.

On December 16, 2012, his friends encouraged him to pick up the mic at a local talent search sponsored by Radio West in Mbarara. It was his first time on stage and he caught the attention of several local hip hop heads and began to record music at local studios.

Months Later, TRUTH auditioned for a talent search sponsored by NTV Uganda and was picked by Celebrity Judges Bebe Cool and Jackie Chandiru to represent his hometown. A fan favorite throughout the season, TRUTH was selected as a winner of Talent XP in December 2013. Impressed by his innate talent and his energetic stage presence, Isaiah Katumwa, a local jazz legend, became a mentor for the young star during that time and asked TRUTH to join the Talanta Band for a tour that wrapped in August 2015.

TRUTH is now working in the capital city of Kampala to record his first independent mix tape and performs throughout the country.

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