MP Wadri admits he had a gun in Arua

One of the members of parliament arrested in the recently concluded Arua Municipality by-elections’ campaign process, Kassiano Ezati Wadri, has admitted he had a gun on him by the time of arrest.

Kassiano made the revelation during a one on one interview with NTV Uganda. The Arua Municipality MP however said the pistol is fully licensed and has been with him for over 20 years.

Kassiano said that he together with four other people scampered into the bathroom, but as soon as security operatives broke down the door, he came out and presented himself, before revealing to them that he had a gun.

“I told them I have owned my gun for over 20 years, my finger prints are in Kibuli (CID headquarters), the computer number of my gun is also in Kibuli,” he said.

“I license my gun every January at Arua police station where I am directed to license it and the RPC here and DPC know about it,” he added.

Kassiano however dismissed police reports that fire arms were found in the hotel room of Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

“The day he arrived in Arua on Sunday, as he booked in, I was there and he had nothing on him,” Wadri said.

Security agencies and Museveni accuse Kassiano and his group of pelting stones at the Presidential convoy in the event, shattering the non-armoured glass windscreen of one of the cars.

But the former Terego Member of Parliament insists that his group never came into contact with the president’s convoy.


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