True Love is only found in Jesus Christ-Bishop Naimanhye

The Bishop of Busoga Diocese, Rt. Rev. Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye has challenged members of the public to remove their hope from worldly pleasures and trust in Jesus Christ who gives everlasting joy.

Bishop Naimanhye made the call on Wednesday (9th May) evening while opening the 5th Annual “Healing for the Nations International Convention” at World Shine Foundation Primary School in Rwentobo Ntungamo District. The convention ends on Sunday 13th May.

Bishop Naimanhye said that the world is full of things, including politics, sports, travel and adventure, cultures and entertainments, which excite people, but added that all the earthly pleasures are short-lived.

He urged members of the public to love one another as they renew their hope in Jesus Christ, in order to inherit Eternal Peace.

“People talk about politics, cultural institutions, football, World Wrestling Entertainment… all these are short-lived. People are travelling the whole world; to America, Canada, India, China and other counties of the whole world. But they have never seen the Love of God. These countries cannot give you the Love of God; it’s only through Jesus Christ that you will have the Love of God.” Bishop Naimanhye told the congregation in his opening sermon.

Revolutionary Love:

Bishop Naimanhye urged people to receive the Love of God that He gives through His only Son Jesus Christ, saying that anyone who receives this Love will never be the same as before.

He said that God came with a new system to overthrow the fears and social orders, under His Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross.

“In this convention, it is my prayer that this new system of Jesus Christ is going to take a place in your life. In whatever you do; God is coming with a new system, with new blessings in the Name of Jesus Christ. Listen to me. The old system has been cut and Jesus Christ is the new system today.”


The convention started with a walk through Rwentobo town.
Some children were carried to have a clear look of the events
The Band crew leading the walk
Bishop Naimanhye with Rev. Dr. Medard (Host) during the walk

The Convention under the theme “Revolutionary Love,” as derived from the Book of John 3:16, is organized and hosted by World Shine Ministries in partnership with South Ankole Diocese and other religious denominations in South Western Uganda.

According to Rev. Dr. Medard Birungi’bya’Yesu, the Director of World Shine Ministries, the convention is expected to attract participants from different denominations from 30 countries including, the host Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, DR Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Canada and USA among others.

“Nations are gathering here. It is very important to have this convention. We shall be preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, driving out demons and worshiping together.” Rev. Dr. Medard told Voice of Kigezi on Wednesday in an exlusive interview.

He said they decided to choose “Revolutionary Love” as the conventions theme, because hatred is a very big problem among humans.

“We’re also going to pray that the Lord will break the powers of hatred. We have discovered that what people need is Love. And we hope that after this convention, there is going to be reconciliation, there is going to be forgiveness, there is going to be restoration, and there is going to be healing. We expect development and peace.”

Rev. Dr. Medard also believed that there has been backsliding in the spiritual revival which needs to be restored.

“We believe that there has been backsliding and coldness that has engulfed our region, where hatred, bitterness, anger, alcoholism, witchcraft and sorcery…all those things…and the spirit of religion have pushed revival down. So we’re coming to revive this land; to bring the fire of God, the fire of the Holy Spirit once again.”


Rev. Dr. Medard and Bishop Naimanhye receiving some of the guests
Some of the guests from the US

Some of the Bishops who graced the occasion on opening day. FROM LEFT: Bishop Naimanhye, Bishop Silas Tushabomwe and wife Kellen (Episcopal Charismatic-North Kivu Province DRC), Bishop Abula Joseph and wife Margaret (Karamoja Diocese), and Bishop Mathias Niwamaani (Bible Presbyterian Church-Kambuga Kanungu) and Bishop Amos Magezi (Northwest Ankole Diocese)-who represented Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe, the Host Bishop, being introduced by Rev. Dr. Medard Birungi’bya’Yesu (Host)

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